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For Social Media Users ('influencer')

Not at all, MIA is open to everyone with at least one of Facebook, Twitter, VK or Linkedin accounts. MIA reviews every new social media account that joins.

To ensure you are offered the most appropriate posts to share you need to select the type of businesses you are interested in.

When you share posts aligned to your interests your friends will respond more favourably to them and that means you will be rated better by MIA. The better your rating the more likely you will become a Top Influencer on MIA. When you become a Top Influencer you will be offered posts that pay you more for sharing them.

If you match the profile of a business or brand you will be invited to share their post onto your social network. You will get an email inviting you to participate whilst you can also view all the posts you have been invited to participate in your MIA dashboard.

Once invited you will be presented with the post as it would look when shared on to your social network. You will also be told how much you will be paid for sharing this post.

If you agree to share the post it will appear on your social network feed for your friends to see. The money you earn will appear in your virtual online MIA wallet, you can cash this money in once you have reached a certain amount of money in your wallet.

The better your post performs among your friends the higher your rating will be on MIA. If your rating is among the top 50% among other social media users on MIA you can then become a top influencer within that specific interest you selected.

If you have become a top influencer within an interest you selected, you will also be invited to share posts that pay more money. Please note all campaigns are time sensitive so in order to participate you should respond quickly.

The benefits to becoming a top influencer is that you also qualify to share posts that will pay you more money within the interests you rated highly. You will typically get paid three times more for sharing a post as a top influencer.

If you find you are rating poorly within any of the interests you originally selected you may want to change your interests for something else that could result in improved performances for you.

What is key is that your friends respond favourably to any post you share. To begin with, choose the businesses you are most interested in – this makes a big difference.

You can change your interests from your MIA dashboard if you think you can perform better with other interests from what you originally selected.

When you share a post onto your social network from MIA always add a positive message to go with it, such as "This looks good!". This will encourage your friends to read the link posted. This will help your influencer rating significantly.

To obtain this top influencer status you do so by the ratings you attained from sharing posts as a regular influencer.

From time to time, you will be offered posts to share with no payment attached to it. You will not be paid for sharing these posts but be rated slightly higher for sharing these posts, so you can become top influencer more easily.

When offered posts to share on MIA never feel you have to share everything you are offered. Although MIA only sends you posts matched to your interests, it is still possible you don't like the post for some reason. If a post doesn’t look like something you would normally share to your social network, then don’t share it!

Not only can you make money sharing posts but you can also make 5% on friends posts which they have shared via MIA, but only if you referred that friend to join MIA as an ‘influencer’.

You can see what money you have made from your referred friends in your payment section on your MIA dashboard.

The more friends you can get to join MIA the more money you can make now and in the future from them. You must use the friend referral button on your dashboard to invite them, this way we can link each signed up ‘influencer’ to you.

Every post you share you will get credited with an agreed amount made clear to you before you make the post. This will go into your MIA virtual wallet and you can see the amount on your MIA dashboard when you log in.

When you reach the required level to cash in, which is clearly displayed on your dashboard, you can request payment to your bank account. We keep the level low so you can redeem frequently.

For Business

Studies freely available online demonstrate how everyday social media users ('nano-influencers') carry more influence per capita over their followers ('friends') than micro and large influencers with thousands of followers.

When every day social media users share posts on their social media among their friends and family it will get more engagement and action than established influencers who have followers rather than friends reading their posts.

Instagram Like Rate vs Followership

By MIA pooling together regular everyday social media users, the sum total of activity becomes extremely powerful for a business to share messages and links through. Now a business or brand can have the REACH of large influencers and the superior per capita INFLUENCE of everyday social media users. Furthermore - unlike larger influencers - businesses are able to target not only on a macro level but niche and micro – by distinct geographical regions and age groups for example.

Influencer marketing is the practice of partnering with social media users to shape their audience’s purchase decisions and behaviours. These social media users hold a level of influence over their audience due to their credibility, authenticity, and quality of their content.

Various studies have shown that every day social media users, and not larger micro influencers, hold the greatest influence over their followers on a per capita ratio. Yet, until MIA, business has been unable to tap into this huge opportunity.

MIA is the digital equivalent of 'word-of-mouth'. Your content is shared by everyday social media users among their 'friends' as opposed to 'followers'.

Real people who opt to share your content therefore carry a high level of influence among their friends reading the post.

MIA uses AI technology to match what your campaign is all about with the most appropriate social media users ('influencers'). They are then offered your post to share. Only if they agree to share your content will it then be posted for their friends to see on their social networks. This ensures the best possible response for your campaign among their friends.

On all of these social media MIA is able to share outward links in posts made by social media users for businesses. These could be for their websites, social media pages or YouTube channels for example. This is important in being able to convert a user into a customer and also in generating traffic growth for their own platforms.

Each of these social networks also has a different type of user agenda and so having all four allows business more flexibility when managing campaigns with MIA. For example, Facebook is much more leisure centric whilst Linkedin more business orientated.

MIA has tight automated security checks built into its software. It is very easy for us to detect fake accounts, from type of email addresses used for each account, bank account details submitted to IP addresses shown.

Even if a fake account was to successfully get past our initial automated checks, on any first campaigns run we again then run further automated checks that instantly flag discrepancies and issues.

Furthermore we have a team assigned to look at every individual ‘influencer’ account registered.

MIA reviews social media users performance every time they share a post. Primarily what we are looking at is the number of physical clicks generated from each campaign post.

A top influencer is somebody who scores within the top 50% of all MIA users within a specific category based on the average number of clicks they generate from the posts they share.

Absolutely not as they are measured by MIA and will have an interest in the post performing well so that they can then become a top influencer within that specific category. When they become a top influencer it means they qualify for different campaigns that pay them more.

This measure means each social media user who shares your post will have a vested interest in it doing well. MIA does not reveal to influencers the various metrics used to rate them.

It is very easy to set up a campaign on MIA. You choose the region and demographics of social media users whom you want to share your campaign and then set your budget. Then tell us about your business and we will match it to social media users that have an interest in your type of business.

You then set up what message you wish to be shared by these targeted social media users. The message content can be a combination of text, URL (such as a website page link) and image.

MIA is fully compliant with the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, VK and Linkedin. Social media users will only be offered posts to share that have been matched to their interests, furthermore, it is the decision of the user whether to share the posts or not.

Even though MIA will only present business posts to users with matched interests and demographics, the user still reserves the right whether they wish to share the post. If they decide not to share the post they can also provide written feedback as to why. This feedback is provided to the business or brand when they get their campaign results. This feedback is an excellent tool to understand when targeted consumers have issues with any campaigns or messages being shared to the market, what’s more, it is only MIA, as a platform, that can provide business with such feedback.

MIA advertisers can distribute content such as articles, web-links, images, video-links to a landing page and so on. MIA is an ideal way for content seeding whereby you can use social media users to help the virality of your content by sharing it with their friends. MIA reviews every post before it can be published. Posts with a sexual, political, religious, hateful or aggressive nature are not permitted.

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